Tuesday, June 29, 2010

live the dream


live the dream

Journal page I created as a demo at this retreat

My 12yr old son is incredibly patrotic. Recently its been the soccer, setting his alarm to get up at 11.00pm or 4.00am to see the Aussie Socceroos play. I witnessed his passion one night in awe. I went to check on him after hearing his alarm had gone off. I'd been painting and was one my way to bed. Within minutes he'd woken, changed his pj shirt to his Australian green and gold shirt, plopped into the bean bag with his doona, whistle, hand clacker thingy and laid his Australian flag over the top. I'm not sure that he had fully woken but he was there for his Aussie team .

Thats how I feel about Australian mixed media creativity.Through Kelly Raes e-course I've realised that I'm passionate about cultivating connections and creativity here in our home land. There are a number of Aussies in the class and we have 'found' each other which has been totally awesome. Don't get me wrong, my world has opened up to many other creative souls across the globe too!

I have to admit for a while I've had the poor cousin mentality. We don't always have access to the many wonderful things we hear or read about on US blogs/magazines.Yes we pay more for art books, magazines and materials.Yes we have fewer retreats to attend. Yes we have limited access to US tutors. But its time to turn that thinking around and focus on what we do have, what we do well, connect with each other, be poineers, whilst also being part of the bigger picture in the US.

What we do do well is being resourceful. We have to. Its been developed out of creating from whats at hand. For me, that is part of the joy of creating. Its pushed me to create unique and amazing tools and techniques for everyday studio things. And I truly value every art book I have on my book shelf. Every magazine. Every drop of Golden paint I'm grateful for....

And we have amazing talent here, simmering, waiting for the opportunites to teach, write, be published....it feels like this energy is gaining momentum.
So watch this space, Aussie artist are on their way!


Kate said...


What a wonderful post, I like how you are taking charge of the situation instead of lamenting about it. I can see a group forming that is really going to be wonderful and you will all be creating amazing things, of that I am sure.


Chasing Purple Dreams said...

The exciting thing is that we get to be the trail blazers here in Australia! I’m really glad this course has put me in touch with so many creative Aussies.

Bobbie Dacus said...

Hi Nic, just popping over from Kelly's ecourse. I love your work.. it is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous post!!

Moyra Scott said...

HEY GO YOU AUSSIE PIONEERS!!!! awesome post. I love it. I kind of feel the same here. Not that UK is the same as Australia, but I am relishing the connectedness that the course has inspired. Am definately massively keen on starting up a really cool retreat. I love how inspired you are. You are so going to rock your world! Brilliant!!

olive + hope said...

I love this post Nic. I think that looking at the positive aspects always gets you further than focusing on the bad parts. I'm so happy that you are growing your tribe, and that you will be blazing trails together.