Saturday, June 5, 2010

it's an inside job

my hubby spotted this sign around the corner from our home......


Jenny Wynter said...

Too true. I'm getting so reinspired to take more photos again, there's so much wonder, nourishing and messages to be found just in the everyday, just as your photo shows.

Jen. (aka Comic Mummy)

Kolleen said...

love true!!

just popping in to say hi....i am flying with you!!!!

hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


beth said...

Looks like a long title for a fabulous film! Dropping by to say hi, and yay for you on your blog

Nic Hohn said...

I think it was funny that my hubby spotted it before me!

Dana Barbieri said...

What a great sign!

Katie @ said...

Wow - what a timely discovery. I love finding inspiring quotes. I just moved back to the US from Germany, so I am absorbing every sign and text I see outside because I can finally understand them in a glance. But this sign you are sharing isn't just a glance type of sign. I love it, and it's such a powerful message.

Thanks for sharing it with us.
In flying lessons with you. Loving your message here and how you're opening your heart and sharing who you wish to be. It's beautiful!

olive + hope said...

I love this, and I love the fact that your husband spotted it :)

Louise Elizabeth. Textile Designs ♥ said...

Lovely :D