Tuesday, June 8, 2010

brave enough...

Today I feel brave enough to share my story about this fear….

For me, inspiration comes from many places, both inward and outward.

Inward inspiration comes to me easily and outwardly I am often inspired by other artwork and designs. I often try techniques and methods to replicate the essence of what I see in those works, always aware of giving it my own flavor, or style. And completely comfortable with my painting and drawing creations.

But with my range of card designs I have got myself into such a place of fear that I found myself being uncomfortable about sharing this work, in fear of judgment and comparison. Or worst still…that I have copied….that I am a fake and that I am not being authentic. Fear of retribution.

I have kept this part of my creative business hidden in the shadows. Shadows of fear.

With these hidden emotions comes the reason why they haven’t been doing as well as I had hoped. Maybe its my own mind games at play, in my heart of hearts they feel original. I use all my own artwork, paintings, drawings and inner guidance….but it is challenging to be so inspired by someone not to be influenced by their creations especially when there feels like there is such a deep connection with what they create.

Today I caught a glimpse of how things can change.I see how I can use my personal formula to push through this challenge. Love +Transformation. I haven’t been loving BuBu as I want or need to. She needs tender hearted care, some more of my inner inspiration to help her grow, time and understanding from me that all is as its meant to be.

my challenge has also become my inspiration.....


Anonymous said...

You are perfect just the way you are!!! It's time Nic, to sing...to soar...to create...to just be...safe in the knowledge that we're all along on the same journey...and we understand and love you for voicing what's going on in our heads!!! My mantra for the moment is "IT'S TIME"!!! Isn't it?!! lotsa love and hugs moonshineGxoxoxo

jacqueline said...

Such a wonderful and inspiring post sweet nic hohn!! Thanks so much for sharing one of your fear with us. Really brave and i am really inspired by your gorgeous work and words! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

Anna Bartlett said...

I totally get it. I so often feel so inspired by someone else's work that I want to actually copy it just ot experience how the creation is made, but it's a learning experience that I'm after. I'd never want to 'copy' and I'm desperately hoping that work to follow won't be perceived as such.
It's a fine line sometimes, but you are a fine woman and being aware of this fear, and being able to share it, are fine qualities dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I get it too. I think if you know in your heart of hearts it's original then don't ignore that. Or, if you're really worried, perhaps you could email the person involved and show them to see how they feel? I dunno, that's a tricky one!

BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, that was my old blog though, if you're keen you can check out the one I'm currently at: www.comicmummy.com

Thanks again and keep going!

JAN said...

I loved your post and wanted to direct you to an article i wrote some time ago in the hope it may inspire you further along your path..hugs and blessings to you and SUCCESS..sending positive vibes janet

Tejae Floyde said...

dear nic, although i see influences from other artists in your work, your work is truly YOURS. Beautiful, airy, light, meaningful.

here's an idea, take a piece that is tugging at you, make a copy of it, take that copy, sit with it for a moment, then slowly experiment with asking the piece "what would you like to include"? color over here, a little detail over there? Then do it, ask again, then follow the guide again.

it is simply an exercise on letting go, playing, freeing yourself from any limitations. enjoy the playfullness.


honeybee said...

Thank you for such an honest post. To me, your work is so refreshingly original, but I can certainly understand the fears that *someone* else might not think so.

I love that beautiful pic of you laughing!


Nic Hohn said...

Thanks for your pearls of wisdom everyone...I think I've got the aha!

For me its the tug of war between wanting to be unique and wanting to be accepted at the same time. Funny thing is I've realised that by being true to my original self is also self acceptance.

Healing can some from the strangest places....

Gina Lento said...

Popping in from class...like your blog, I added it to my RSS feed in my email. You keep creating and just be yourself.


leanne fry said...

hi nic,
firstly..thank you so much for adding a comment to my blog. i am flying with you and absolutely love your art...clever, creative girl(and brave too!) What a great trifecta...keep smiling and believing in yourself x