Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sweet opportunities

Dreaming Roses

I'm so happy with the way this discovery is heading. The first pic is the piece of opportunity (thrift) fabric that I began this painting on. I love the interplay of painting into the design, drawing and embellishing with vintage finds. This piece of lace is guiper lace from my mums wedding dress. She was married in winter and the complete dress and train were made from this lace. It was incredibly heavy! I loved the lace so much that we used the lace from mums train to make my wedding dress with....I have a few tiny pieces left over and I dyed this magical piece of fabric empheria. The grayscale drawings are my intepretation of one of the motifs in the lace. The other thing I love about this artwork is that I can still see traces of the pattern through the painted layers.


Lucy said...

Beautiful Nic, love the lace on it. And, such sweet memories!
Hugs Lucy

IdaDown said...

It is looking amazing. The colours are so vibrant. I also love the lace and it's meaning.

Jacky said...

Definately the way to go Nic....I am LOVING this new work! And your trademark greyscale sketches are looking wonderful on these canvases and how special to use a piece from your mothers wedding dress.
I was inspired to do an altered book with textile designs and fabrics after receiving a beautiful book of indian floral fabric designs from my sister for Easter. Nothing on such a grand scale as yours, but I'm thoroughly enjoying it too.I will keep a look out for another of these little books as I know you would love it too.

Love, love, love these new canvases and your textile fettish.

Jacky xox

Anna Bartlett said...

I love what you're doing here, Nic. And I'd tell you that to your face too! Wonderful colours, wonderful composition. Lovely.

Janny said...

It's gorgeous, great colours!

Johwey Redington said...

I love this project. I love how your painting juxtaposes the design of the fabric. And the lace is adorable! Makes me want to try painting on fabric.