Saturday, March 6, 2010

some kinds words....

Hi Nic,

i wanted to share this pic with you. I've just come back from an overseas holiday to spain. at the end of last year i decided to book a contiki trip and do some sight seeing for two weeks. i had an amazing time; met some great people and saw some incredible artists in the galleries. (i'm now feeling inspired and ready to create from all of what i experienced!) While i was packing i thought of you, and packed a necklace i bought of yours a few years ago. this is a picture of me wearing it at gaudi's park guell in barcelona.Many from the tour admired it, and i wanted you to see that your art has now been to europe!!

take care, keep creating and inspiring me!

love amber xoxo

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Anna Bartlett said...

Lovely! I'll have to wear my 'Nic Necklace' in some special places for you too now! What a lovely thought to get in touch.