Thursday, February 11, 2010

what does creative potential look like?

.............................creative potential

I've felt inspired lately to journal, lots. its the place I go when I'm working through 'stuff' and it seems to help cement or anchor the thing I'm working through. there has been lots of pages with hearts, and that was lead up artwork for my journaling class on Sunday. its been about connecting. wanting to connect to my own creativity and my own potential.

its so easy to scoot around and see what other artists are doing via the interent. lets face it it is such an instant, visual feast its hard not too. lately I've found it challenging to know if it is actually my idea or something I've seen, somewhere on someone elses blog or website.or does that even matter? for me the most important thing is to acknowledge the inspiration, try it, see if it 'fits' and give it my own slant.

this journal page is helping me acknowledge that I am already in my creative potential, as we all are. its not something that is out there somewhere waiting till we get to a certain point of our journey. it is already within. realize and recognize it. this is what my creative potential looks like to me at the moment. what does yours look like?

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Kate said...


I love that idea and agree I am living my creative potential too. Its so great to see all the wonderful art you've been doing.