Friday, February 19, 2010

stardust and angel wings

I'm finding these little stars everywhere through the house,on my studio floor, in the rug upstairs, on the kitchen floor and smaller silver ones too....even in the garage. I know where they came from, a box in my studio. A friend gave me an envelope full for my , dare I say, 40th party a couple of years ago.Whats puzzling and amusing is how they got on to my studio floor in the first place. Maybe my studio fairy has been playing again a.k.a my dancing 9 year old or maybe they made their own way out....anyway I love them. I vacuum and sweep around them, enjoying having them turn up in unexpected places.

had an inspired idea today....thought I'd have some fun in front of one of my paintings. You know, like the carnival paintings that you stick your head through and have your photo taken.

I'm enjoying my angel wings. May stardust and angels wishes fall gently onto your shoulders today.


Anonymous said...

Love this photo and pose Nic! You are an angel indeed! Gxo

Jacky said...

Hello.... so lovely to see your smiling face!
Love this quirky photo.

Jacky xox