Saturday, February 27, 2010

Goddess Dolls

Last year I designed these Goddess Dolls Kits, and gifted them to my ladies who came to Fraser Island . I wanted a medium to embody the essence of how I felt about this special time away, the energy of the Island and to create a tangible memory. And now its time to share....

The kit is like a blank enables your imagination to run crazy-wild and stretch. Paint, Stitch, Collage,Create, Embellish to create a beautiful, feminine doll...

pictured here are the Goddess Dolls I've made up to get your inspiration flowing. It was so much fun creating these girls and then I mucked around for a while giving them their own photo shoot.
The photos didn't quite make it off the editing floor, but loved playing around.

The kits are available on my etsy (in US dollars) of my website in AUS dollars.

My website has had a makeover too, drop by for a visual visit!

ps. I'll be bringing some of these kits to CSR 2010 to sell at my trading table on Market night.

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Pam Aries said...

I love them.. !