Wednesday, January 13, 2010

who am i kidding?

myself. i am a spiritual artist or rather i am artist that creates with spiritual energy. i have come to terms with that. there is spirit not only my art, but in all areas of my life. and i wouldn't have it any other way.... and so now that i have embraced that disowned part of myself ( what you resist persists!) i can happily create my Astro ideas. without fear of being labelled.

here is Miss Capricorn. the sun is in Capricorn at the moment with a New Moon in the next few days. happy birthday to all you Capricorns. above is my interpretation of Capricorn energy.

some words that describe the positive energy of Capricorn...
  • responsible
  • practical
  • industrious
  • in their own authority
  • sets their own boundaries
  • serious
  • has systems in place
  • aware of time + respects time
  • results
  • success
  • self disciplined
  • grounded
  • ambitious
  • committed to their own mountain top.
we all have this energy within us, just at varying amounts......and so i am using this energy to forge forward and put together a series of Astro images, a collection of greeting cards.

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