Sunday, September 13, 2009

deep blue - the dream

my 8 year old daughter and I, along with 2 darling friends enjoyed the Deep Blue Orchestra on Friday night. it was eyeopening.violins, viola, cello and double bass...the musicians loved what they were doing, creating on stage. stage smoke, lighting, dancing with each other whilst playing, and the audience were encouraged to text in their dreams or song requests throughout the night.

Shaiyl (my 8 year old) plays the violin ..her take on it was "good and weird". One of the many highlights was listen to 'Popcorn' with one of the cello players playing on stilts.

all of it questioned convention, opening up a new world so the audience could see and experience differently. love that!

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Jacky said...

Lovely experience for you and her take on it "weird and funky"...which I suppose it must seem when we are taught classically and it is predominantly what we hear.
Fun outing for mother and daughter!

Jacky xox