Saturday, June 20, 2009


Roses for You (a commission)

In this household we have been loving "Masterchef".... personally I loved the fact that Poh was an artist and that she brought her sense of design and artistry to the plate/kitchen. I mean how often do we see artists on these reality shows? I also enjoyed that she was courageous enough to try new things with the inspiration that came to her...and I could so relate to her overwhelm, when things got a 'little hot in the kitchen'. Have you seen her paintings? Yes they are beautiful.

I realised yesterday how much of an impact the show was having on us as a family. My 8 year and I had made some food to share at a school celebration and she asked me "Mummy, can I plate up?"

People come and go in my life, I am influenced by them, learn from them, perhaps see some of myself in them and move on...I've seen and experienced this in the art world too. New techniques, new mediums, how an artists uses something in their art. I feel inspired, try it and see if it fits into how my art is created. perhaps thats about exploring creatively, perhaps its like trying on something new to see if it 'fits'. maybe its just exposure. is it greener on the otherside? Somtimes the only way i find out is to go and have a look and then try.

At the begining of Masterchef, Poh said that painting and food were her 2 passions. Now she knows whats its like to cook and paint. I think thats a great thing.

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Jacky said...

I was disappointed to see Poh leave Master Chef too...thanks for the link to her paintings, I am about to go and check them out after posting this comment.
"Try"...thought provoking post. I thinks its wonderful to try different techniques, recipes, plants, anything. As they say if you dont try, you'll never know.
Thanks for another wonderful post Nic.

Jacky xox