Sunday, June 14, 2009

a bunch of blossoms

blossoms and more blossoms.....even though it is winter here, I so enjoy having flowers around me, adorning my artwork or myself. Maybe because it is winter and our little yard lacks any sort of garden I am making up for it in a bright mixed media, creative way. (Thank you Dot for the special buttons you sent me)

The blossoms are a combination of paper and fabric. I use an iron on technique with dress making pattern paper, canvas, paint and lace or tulle....and a treasure in the centre.I love the uniqueness of found objects. My children and I have been collecting squashed bottle tops for a while.The rustier the better. The excitement my kids and I feel when we find them is like finding money. And we have collected them from where ever we go.

I have blossoms around my home, this one is on my vintage mirror on top of the bedroom drawers.And they are great on pressies for a loving touch. They are flexible and more resilient than they look.

Can you see the weaving under the present? I rediscovered a pile of them in a box that is in storage. I kept them from a loom weaving assignment at uni. I remember it was an enormous loom , one that had a seat as part of it. Absolutely loved using a combination of different threads and we were encouraged to use unusual colour combinations. Although this one came through with many wonderful bright colours and glistening gold thread .my favourite
I have a couple of these blossoms for sale on my website.


Julie H said...

Beautiful Blossoms.

I smiled at your children helping you gather bottle tops. I too am a bottle top collector, it seems a normal thing to do, until I spy people on the other side of a pavement staring:0

Ro Bruhn said...

I'm also a bottle top collector, and a collector of many other car park finds. Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous, I know being the proud owner of one of them. Thank you so much again.

Anonymous said...

me too!
I pick up bottle tops...oh


is there is tutorial for these? iwant them I want them I want them!

Jo Wholohan said...

these are so beautiful nic, i love the paper and fabric together xx

Julia said...

Hi Nic,
Just love these happy feeling little broochs, so great, just as is all your art work...It's funny but I was talking to someone in the street recently and I picked up a crushed bottle cap, and they looked at me like I was crazy when i said it would be great to use in my

Dot said...

Your blossoms are wonderful! So pleased you found a use for those brads too!