Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Today I am celebrating not going to Paris!

image from allposters.com.....beautiful

Yes it sounds bizarre and just a little weird, but I am doing just that. Some time ago a girlfriend asked me to go to France with her, to stay with a friend of hers in the South of France, yes, yes. Free accommodation for 3 weeks....and we had talked about sightseeing and going to the vintage markets. But every time I thought of going I felt nothing, no excitement or exhilaration. And I knew it didn't feel right. My logic kept playing on my mind, that it is such a great opportunity, perhaps once in a life time. But I still wasn't feeling it.

My challenge was plucking up the courage to let her know. I had to be true to myself ...and her. I picked up the phone and after some conversation I told her I wasn't 'feeling France'.Her reply.....she wasn't feeling it either and didn't know how to tell me. What a relief! We both laughed and shared how we imagined waving each other off at the airport. The truth we shared can only make our friendship stronger.

Who knows why the feeling wasn't there, maybe we will find out down the track, perhaps we will never know and I'm ok with that. What I do know is how important it is to be true to my own heart. And that is worth celebrating!


Dot said...

It is indeed worth celebrating being true to your heart! Am so pleased you were able to be honest with your friend and it has worked out well. Am sure your friendship will be stronger for your honesty. And for her's too!
I admire how you live your life and the person you are.
Dot xx

Serena said...

Great story on how we should be true to our hearts ~ :)

Julia said...

Hi Nic, Thanks for stopping by my blog...and your lovely comment about my fabric book.
This is a lovely post as yours all are...but this resonates with me so much...oh to be always able to tell the difference between what feels right for us and what doesn't...and I looooove your shell paintings you did for the lucky people in Toowoomba...xx