Thursday, April 9, 2009

today my inner critic dies!

This morning I woke from a profound and lasting dream. When I have those sort of dreams I am aware there is a deeper meaning in there somewhere, and it usually is about the coming day.......after checking my emails and doing a few quick blog reads before I took the kids to school I got a huge wake up call....and it was from my inner critic."Well you really stuffed that one up" and I started to agree, until another side of me came in with "Hang on a minute, there is a thousand reasons why this could have happened, its not always about me". That's when I realised just how much my ego self criticise....and it was in that moment I became aware that I have to stop it.Now. So with much determination I am laying my critic to rest today, burning ashes into the enthral and letting go by becoming conscious of my thoughts. And sending the negative talk back with love. Choosing more affirming ones.....I'll let you know how the funeral goes.

Aside from that I have been creating. I have been most inspired by DJ's beautiful textile books and although I didn't take this class with her I felt I could give it a go. I'm always telling my children to do that! This is work in progress. I'm kind of making it up as I go along.

I wanted to create a really special book that I can look through daily and really feel the decedent textures. I have a volume of personal affirmations that have come to me whilst mediating/visualizing, they have real significance to my core so I wanted to honour them by putting them in a special book with images and textures. Rather than a scrap of paper they are currently on.

And here is my article in the recent Cloth Paper Scissors, March /April about journaling. There are also some more pages on the online extras here to check out. The article is about taking an image and transforming it into many different identities....below is an image at the back of the magazine for your use to journal with. Use it in many different ways you can think of...and if you would like to email me with your journal page I'll post it on my blog.

If you are posting this image on your own blog in a journal page, I ask for the usually courtesy of acknowledgement. Thank you.

And finally I have 2 blank journals left, with about 60 pages in them. The front cover is a combination of print and original artwork. You can check out more details at my website.

" My inner critic can only be silenced through self love" Nic Hohn


Dot said...

What a beautiful post Nic. Thankyou for posting about your inner critic (very timely for me as my inner critic has been very vocal this week).

You create such beautiful and heartfelt art. And are very talented. I was looking at some of the cards I bought from you at the retreat and I could feel the love that has gone into them.

Love the idea of making a DJ inspired journal to look at every day. The cover of yours is gorgeous. Think I will start on one of my own this weekend. A great idea to put some of your affirmations into a book you can look at every day.

And congratulations on your article for CPS! I have this issue ordered and should see it next week. So pleased you are getting some well deserved recognition lovely lady.

Take good care and fooey to that inner critic I say (did you hear my inner Leo child then? he heh).

Much love

Dot xx

Little Brown Sparrow said...

I really do think all creative people are linked up- there are quite a few people on my blog reader that are shedding a skin of one kind or another lately, myself included.

This is a great post, and so true! Countering our inner critic with our inner optimist is a great way to conquer drag.

There's a piece of wisdom I got from Brian Froud's Faery Oracle: our life is fertile land, something will grow. Peaches, roses, poison ivy, nasty biting thorns, weeds or flowers- all you have to do is make a choice which one to plant, and which one to tend.

Jacky said...

I have lots of those scraps of paper floating around too with affirmations that mean a lot to me. Some make it into journals, some seem to get mislaid...this is a great idea.

I love that your journal is inspired by DJ's journals too, they are so textural and beautiful.

I have taken note of your quote too... hope the inner critic funeral went well.

Anonymous said...

and wouldn't you know it, my subscription ran out last month and I missed you! Congrats on being published yet again, it must be a wonderful feeling.

Maybe with the theme of death and ressurection we all get to shed a few things. For me it is around the time of Samhain, another time of introspection and culling..

Janny said...

Beautiful work, thank you for sharing. I am not happy there is an Ocean between us;o)

Bethel of Bethania said...

Congratulations on a fantastic spread in Cloth Paper Scissors - I love it & I'm sure you will get a lot of positive feed-back... I hadn't looked at the CPS website to see your other pages so thanks for the reminder - they were wonderful too.
Yes our inner critic can sure get in the way of our artistic life at times... I think sometimes when we have been to see someone we greatly admire or something that greatly inspires us - like the creative retreat you have just been too & for myself seeing my friends beautiful works - we let a slither of self doubts about our skills into our minds & that's when Mr. Inner Critic takes advantage & turns it all against us & talks us down... It is so hard to make him take a permanent holiday so all the best of luck with your Mr Inner Critic's funeral. OOroo... B

Lady Di said...

Isn't it wonderful how we continue to learn lessons and grow every day. I think our inner critic is very interesting and always ask "I wonder where that thought came from?" and generally find that it's not really my thought at all it's from some early conditioning that has become an ingrained self-limiting belief ... once these thoughts are noticed that's when the magic can happen!

Bevlea said...

congrats in being in CPS Nic.... very well deserved!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the publication Nic, well deserved.

I hope the funeral went well and you celebrated with wine, song and dance...

big hugs Kym x

Julia said...

Hi Nic,
Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the inner critic, mine has a very stern schoolmarm voice, and she is a real nuisance at times...
She is especially loud right now, as I have set up an Esty shop, and it is still empty as I try to gather my energy to put things into it that I am not afraid to

Kate said...

Loved seeing your work in CPS, I just picked up my copy and will play with your drawing a little. I will send a note when I post it.


Anonymous said...

Easily I acquiesce in but I dream the collection should acquire more info then it has.