Monday, January 12, 2009

my fav thing

< align= "centre">my fav dress

This is my most favourite thing at the moment. I even have it on right now! My husband bought it for me before Xmas and I love it. It is the perfect dress to put on when it is a typical hot day here. Made of it is hanging inside out on the door. I adore it this way too.

Big thanks to Violette. I feel honoured that you mentioned me and my CPS article on your blog... Violette is such a talented artist. Her blog was the absolute first blog I ever discovered, so I am eternally grateful for her sharing and friendship. Another favourite thing!


violette said...

Thanks so much for the mention Nic! You are so kind and generous!

Good luck to you at the Health and Happiness Conference! You will rock!

Love and light,
Violette xo

septembre said...

this dress is lovely and i m happy to discover your blog, very inspiring....