Friday, January 9, 2009

BuBu Blossom

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My bottom has been firmly planted in the chair in front of my computer for the last few days, with endless clicking, cut and paste and designing.I love it at the start, I get bored and figity towards the end, singing loudly to get some energy going and then longing for more at the end. Sound crazy?

Well what have I been doing? My new website. Let me introduce you to BuBu Blossom. This is a place where my new paper arts business is going to 'hang out'.My greeting cards, gift tags and other products that are in the pipeline.

So how did I come up with name? BuBu has many meanings. My dear friend Mary called me a bubu and I had no idea what it meant. She told me it was Greek slang for a beautiful woman who had it 'going on'...that day I had my flower shoes on, a flower in my hair and a floral handbag. I loved the sound of the name and it felt like there was a connection to my love of feminine beauty.

Since then I found another meaning I connected to.The Egyptian translation ~ giving light. I feel this is the essence of BuBu, the core.

Whilst I was considering BuBu as a business name ( there were so many ideas and choices!) my husband asked me how to spell it. B U B U. (be you be you) and that was the confirmation I needed. And blossom, well that is a word that describes childhood memories, my love of flowers, spring and natural beauty.

I've also been designing business cards and getting some designs ready for print. Right now I'm looking forward to enjoying some family activities...perhaps a walk along the esplanade and then down to the sea and the's all as its meant to be. I'm so fortunate that my loving husband has been home on holidays and he has been preparing meals and doing housework with our 2 children. Thank you guys. I am truly blessed.

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violette said...

I really LOVE the name Nic! It fits your perfectly! All the best vibes for happiness and success!

Love, violette xoxo