Sunday, December 7, 2008

summer sky

The last two days have been sooooooooo hot and sticky here. A clammy heat where my skin sticks to everything, seats, the couch and my kids just love hugging and sitting on top of me....I do enjoy the warmer weather, things just move at a slightly slower pace. This was the sunset last night... and some melted icecream that sat for not so long.

It feels like the heat is 30+. We have had the air con on, which is unsual for us. we can usually tolerate a bit of heat. Well it is summer and as I am blogging my kids are packing there beach stuff and putting on their swimmers. We are off for a dip in the ocean....maybe when we get back it might just be a little cooler. I've been feeling the urge to create, but the motivation is not quite there. Perhaps when the sun goes down and a cool breeze comes....happy Sunday to you!

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