Sunday, December 21, 2008

new journal

This is the beginning of a new journal. A few pages have already made their way into the journal, but I've recently started working in it again. I felt it is a great way to look at what intentions I would love to set for 09.

I just love what comes out of my subconscious when I journal this obvious message in this one. The words jumped out of the magazine when I flicked through, I'll continue working on it. I did this as a demo in my last journal class for the year. It was about looking at our dreams setting goals from there. I find this is an incredible powerful process...a bit like a dream board, or a mind map. Then when the page is complete sometimes if I really want to integrate the message I put the page on display. That's what I call the Power of Positive Journaling!

Have you been to Teesha Moore's blog lately? Wow, that woman is incredible talent.Her journal pages blow me away. Absolutely adore her recent white pages. What an inspiration.....what more can i say other than GO AND CHECK HER OUT!

Btw, the snow flakes in the picture below were made by my children. Aren't they awesome! And the delighted in teaching me. Love that.

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