Wednesday, September 17, 2008

refreshing all my senses

Refreshing is the word I would use to describe Charlotte at Fancy Picnic. A breath of fresh air that makes visiting her blog and delighting in her awesome tactile creations.
Her Regency Necklace is one of my favourite pieces (so many beautiful pieces Charlotte, who can I choose one?!)

Charlotte has passed this award on to me. And believe me the feeling is mutual. I haven't posted a pic of Charlotte's because the award. I truly love what she creates and I feel she is on an upward flight with her creative spirit. In short watch her space, it is about to expand...big time.Go girl!

Some of these creative spirits are new to blogging, others sharing experience and beauty with much knowledge, all are shining from within. Enjoy!

*If award nominees wish to accept their awards, simply provide a link back to the person who presented the award; nominate 6 or 7 recipients and provide links for them; finally, leave a note on their blogs to tell them the good news!

1 comment:

'fancypicnic' said...

Crumbs...what lovely things to say about me! Thank you so much, Nic xx

I love popping over here - your pictures are beautiful, and I always leave feeling uplifted and happy!! It's a pleasure, always.