Sunday, August 31, 2008

rosettes to me, rosettes to you

Man, this week seems to have gone by so quickly. My parents are in town for a while, so we have been spend great family time together. My girlfriend Kym has also been in town for a flying we have been have dinner out, fish and chips by the beach, lunch out, swims....yer the weather has been so warm that the kids have fitted in a few 'winter' swims. And everything else in between. My husband parents arrive next week, so we are looking forward to seeing them too.

These are snippets of a mixed media piece that I've almost finished for a local exhibition. The vintage bridal horse shoe ended up in the rosette with sheet music, printed canvas, silk and calico.I love guipure lace and both of these lace motifs were vintage finds. Below is a portrait that hangs from the rosette.

And buttons for embellishments.

Our 'little' camera that takes great shots got a bit wet in a beach wave and hasn't quite been the same. I've been using the 'big girl' with some frustration as she doesn't seem to focus as clearly.
Hope you weekend has been sunny and warm....enjoy the last day of winter.Wawho here comes SPRING!!!


Serena said...

OH, I imagine the whole piece looks spectacular if these snippets are anything to go by. I like the colour palette you are using and the rosette is gorgeous! Lovely work! :)

Rotten luck with your camera getting wet. I always remember when Reece, my son, spent a heap on his new mobile phone...then went on a class excursion to the beach and, he waded around in the waves, completely forgetting that he had his mobile in the pocket of his shorts. Sadly, it met a swift end.

Little Brown Sparrow said...

It looks fantastic! Beautiful colours.