Thursday, August 7, 2008

my unusual truth

this morning I woke feeling quite a bit of resistance! don't want to get out of bed, tired of doing the same old routine. but i pushed through it and got moving, even if it was slowly. Up and getting ready to take the kids to school i felt like i wanted to rebel, be crazy and cut loose....perhaps rebelling against being a responsible adult, rebelling against structure..and it was strong and rising in my heart.

After school drop off and a bit of responsible adult grocery shopping i came home, not sure of where to direct myself. so i finished this journal page....just adding the words. still this strong energy within my chest. asking myself 'how do i want to express this energy?' do i want to change my clothes and dress a bit wacky? do i want to do a Laini and dye my hair pink? do i want a glass of wine and crackers for morning tea?? ( i was getting desperate to find out where this energy was going!) nothing seemed to go aha for me.

I scanned this journal image and realised i mispelt unusual.... and i was ok with that. often i do that in journal pages cos i know that the right side of my brain is doing its creative job. the rebel in me then seemed satisfied.strange? maybe it was the realisation that i am already uunusual and that i don't have to express it in such a 'look at me' doesn't quite feel like an aha, but i'll let you know if anything unusual happens! or if i dye my hair pink!


Kate said...


I think we all want to rebel at time. I like the journal page, misspelling and all. You would look great in Pink hair, or maybe just a stripe like a lot of people seem to be doing. Or even easier do a self portrait and change your look that way....


Serena said...

A great page and a very interesting post, Nic. Nothing wrong with a spelling error and it lets the left brain (our analytical/critical self) know it's not the boss and you're allowed to break the rules and be okay with it.