Thursday, July 24, 2008

Riding the Creative Wave.

yesterday i watched 'surf's up' with my son. i have to say it was a good of the most intriguing parts i found was in the bonus features. learning how they made the movie and the new technology and thought/ideas that went into producing it.
i also loved the bonus material on 'surfing like a pro'. for me it was so related to creating art that i jotted down these notes to share ....

So how do you surf like a pro? Or create like a Master?
(according to surfs up)
~choose you board, medium or type of expression
~build confidence by practicing
~watch your environment and others
~get centred and find balance
~dig deep and get momentum
~it gets easier as you go along, and it can be hard to start
~put the effort in to get going....then ride the wave
~don't consciously think, pop up even if you are in fear

Once you've caught the wave most of the hard work is done- just harness the energy and go with it.Let the wave do the work, go with the flow and don't force it.

then came the good stuff about WiPinG OUt!
~if you are not wiping out you are not having fun.
~just part of the experience
~relax and go with it
~don't give up, get out there again
~go with the energy and enjoy the ride!

what makes a great surfer? artist?
~having the most fun,loving it
~be connected to be wave, the feeling
~not having high or low expectations
~just experience it.

WOW, for me that just popped off so many sparks about being in the creative process. and i loved the fact that wiping out is such an accepted part of surfing...just like some creative adventure that didn't quite go to plan. it's all part of it. the fun of it, if we chose to see it that way.

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