Monday, June 23, 2008

on the go

Magnolia Divine
30cm x 30 cm

Life here has been somewhat busy....but its been a fun busy. We have had playmates over for the kids making extra time for them to develop friendships, gone to the beach for a picnic with our dog and discovering that wasn't as easy as it seemed , going to a school disco and staying with my 7 year old who really wanted to be there but wasn't so sure, my parents have been here and giving them time and space, spending time together as a family taking time to really 'be' , listen and talk about the stuff that sometimes seems 'too hard'.

I've been an writing article and pushing through some resistance, developing a new concept for a journal page (love it because it is on goal setting and I want to teach it as I know it works!), painting for an upcoming exhibition and getting into the 'right' frame of mind to do so, painting a commission, doing an astrology reading to help someone understand herself, knitting an open weave scarf because I love to have my hands busy of an evening, reading Dr Phil's book "Life Strategies. Stop making Excuses", exercising daily and working through the negative messages of wanting to stay in bed..... I'm sure the list could go on. But it all feels good. I seem to pack so much into a short amount of time, is this out of fear of running out of time? Not getting 'enough' done? Maybe. I'll just go with this energy for the moment....

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Serena said...

Perfect title, Nic, because your Magnolia piece is just that.....divine! You certainly do have a pretty full calendar at the moment. Remember to breathe....