Wednesday, June 11, 2008

new + weird = I'm ok!

Today was a bit of a weird one for me.... I dropped the kids off to school as usual, but decided to go to the beach with my journal and do some drawing. The page above is what emerged. She almost didn't make it. I started drawing her face in biro, and part of me wasn't happy with it, and for a moment I thought about pulling out the page to start again. But I resisted this message from my perfectionist, inner critic! And continued....and am pleased I did.

I then went to my hair appointment. Yes colouring those greys that seem to appear every 6 weeks or so, but a least I know my hair is indeed growing. I often let my hairdressers play after my colour and cut. Today I had my hair dried straight for the first time ever! My hair has always been curly, never felt the need to do anything else but let my hair do its own was different. I kept feeling my hair, as it had a different texture and my kids keep wanting to feel it too. just a bit bizarre. now at the end of the day I'm getting used to it.

Yes, it's good for me to do things I don't normally do. Try...see from a new or different perspective.Cos I'm going to be ok.

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Serena said...

Your hair looks lovely straight or curly. I have to cover my greys day, I swear I'm going to just let the greys grow out.

I'm glad you didn't scrap the page either.....your drawing turned out lovely!

P.S. - I received my goodies yesterday afternoon!!! I LOVE them!!! Thanks so much!