Thursday, April 10, 2008

What is working for me?

Feel the Love

Here are some serendipity hearts that i found during the week. The one above is from Mary's coffee at the Marina, and the one below is a piece of paper that blew onto Mary's lawn from the building site across the road.

Paper Heart in the Wind

I have had some reflection time this week and was feeling a little despondent, 'poor me', disconnected and some what inadequate. I am aware that there is energy in the Universe (astrologically) that is giving me the energy to work through these feelings. I had felt that my Sole Connection Challenge was a great inspiration....I had anticipated a 'sizable' response. However the Universe has other ideas/lesson in store for me, or so it seems.
I have had the wonderful pleasure of connecting with the lovely ladies who have had the inspiration to leave a message. Thank you for connecting. I have also realised that it is me who is wanting to reconnect, perhaps to the spirit within me and to others.
I've made a conscious decision to focus on what is working for me. And maybe part of that is to start writing in a journal at the end of the day..about what i felt good about, what worked for me and what success I've had during the day. No matter how small it seems.
So what does work for me?

A walk in the morning. Some Chi Gong exercise. Positive words,"It is who I am that makes a Difference". A cup of Chai tea in my favourite cup. A gluten free treat on my special plate. Yoga exercises for my heart and throat charkas. My feet in the air. Fruit. Acknowledging what I've already achieved. Listening to my music. Being in touch with my art supplies and my images.....

I'm sure there is more to add to the list, but for now I'm going to remind myself that i'm doing ok. I am moving forward, even on the days where i feel there is no progress I'll acknowledged that is progress in itself.


Serena said...

I must admit I had expected a better response with the 'Pay It Forward' challenge on my blog but, like you, I did it mainly for me. I enjoy the gift of giving and, if it helps others to connect, all the better.

I can identify with how you've been feeling as I go through that a fair bit myself. We can be our own worst enemies at times. BE who you are, Nic, and know that you are a very talented and creative artist who IS an inspiration to others.

Btw, where did you buy that GORGEOUS mug?!

Nic Hohn said...

Oh thank you for your loving comments Serena...

that gorgeous mug is one of my creations, when i was in my ceramic phase!

violette said...

I love where you're going with this train of thought Nic!

Love, Violette
p.s. you are a HUGE inspiration to me!