Tuesday, April 1, 2008

inspired hearts

Hot Chocolate Love

For sometime now i have been feeling inspired by kellie rae's hearts.....i really felt that i would also love to capture images of hearts that happen around me. what an affirmation of love!!!!
So thank you for the inspiration Kellie. And the first image is a dedication to a beautiful and true friend Jude. A heart warming chocolate fulfilling friendship from the heart.

A branch of Love

a random paper heart

"It is who i am that makes a difference,
not what i do!"
my aha moment for today


Penny said...

thanks for passing by, love your site, I have bookmarked it.

Pam Aries said...

Hi Nic! You are a sweetHEART! I know that much! Your art is from the HEART.....!

Serena said...

I find your blog very inspiring, Nic! This is what I love about the Blogosphere....so many times I am introduced to other fantastic blogs. Kelly Rae's blog is awesome!

What a great idea! I will try to spread the 'love' too by posting pics of 'happenstance' hearts on my blog.

Btw, I received my first issue of the Artful Blogging magazine yesterday and, you were right, it's fabulous!!!