Monday, April 28, 2008

the creative art of doing

ah the art of doing...seems like i've been learning alot about that lately. I've really discovered there is definitely an art of doing.putting things into action instead of just daydreaming, thinking, wishing. and i guess what goes along with that is asking for what i want, knowing what it is that i want. i have found that i have had more clarity on that lately and that has been a nice change. i used to be happy with what ever came along...and yes you guessed it, 'whatever' did come along.

now that i'm feeling more focused it is easier to put action into were i'm heading. i feel the path is a little clearer.easier decisions. thank goodness. and so with this piece i really enjoyed creating it. i know i've said that before about pieces, but this was different because i really took my time and allow it to develop it without rushing. i'm investigating some printing options for cards.i think it would make awesome greeting cards. i would love to create around the 12 zodiac themes. this one is aries. ( you can read a bit more about that energy here) so for me its reminding myself once i have the inspiration to act on it. (i think i painted that affirmation on some of my shoes!)


Serena said...

WOW...fabulous page, Nic! I think a series like this would be great for greetings cards and I wish you all the best with this endeavour.

Bethel of Bethania said...

Nic you are really into the groove these days ... creating away ... congratulations your work is lovely ... OOroo ... Bethel