Tuesday, April 15, 2008

back on the creative train....

a page from my altered book

....only this time I'm not driving. Over the last few days i've felt like i'd fallen off the creative train, with the physically pain to go with it! Today I'm in a much better place, feeling like i've got my ticket in my hand and i'm boarding on a fun creative ride, allowing my creativity to take me. Rather than me driving and controlling.

I've had a number of aha's along the way, including not getting into the head space of comparing with other artists. (which is so easy to do). I'm remembering that i am on my own journey, doing exactly what i need to be doing.

The other thing i've observed is the speed at which i create.The drive and the pace to get an artwork finished, hastens me through the joy of the process. At times when there is a date or time to meet this works in my favour..but when i want to be in my creativity i found that i'm rushing through. i'm impatiently wanting to get to the next project. So i'm consciously slowing myself down to enjoy what i'm creating. and i can see and feel that i am happier along the way and with what i have made.It feels more finished and complete.

Be in Your Own Heart

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Serena said...

Glad to see you are back on the creative train, Nic. Beautiful page...love the colours ~ :)