Sunday, April 20, 2008



Jackson Pollock in Action

How can this energy be used when creating?
Here are some ideas.......

  • use your materials in a physical way (like Jackson Pollock)

  • allow drips and splodges

  • give yourself a short time limit and work incredibly fast

  • hammer nails into wood (good to get any frustration or anger out before you start creating)
  • use red paint

  • tear paper up in a 'wild' way and glue them down without conscious thoughts about placement.

  • scribble hard and fast

One of Jackson Pollocks paintings
Here is what a photographer (Hans Namuth ) said after seeing Pollock paint as he photographed him in action...

A dripping wet canvas covered the entire floor. . . . There was complete silence. . . . Pollock looked at the painting. Then, unexpectedly, he picked up can and paint brush and started to move around the canvas. It was as if he suddenly realized the painting was not finished. His movements, slow at first, gradually became faster and more dance like as he flung black, white, and rust colored paint onto the canvas. He completely forgot that Lee and I were there; he did not seem to hear the click of the camera shutter. . . My photography session lasted as long as he kept painting, perhaps half an hour. In all that time, Pollock did not stop. How could one keep up this level of activity? Finally, he said 'This is it.'

This energy can be very physical... so let it out. Stuffing this down can lead to an implosion or explosion! Sometimes it can swing the other way to indecsion or procrastination. I have found the best remedy for this is just to get started. Even if it's getting materials out, chosing colours, painting a background....anything to get the energy started. Then momentum can roll on from there. So let it roll...............

"Action is the fundational key to success"
Pablo Picasso

"Art? Just do it!"
Martin Ritt

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Maria said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog Nic, & your lovely comments :-)

I found this post very interesting & true about starting the flow of creating. Good paced background music & setting a time limit is also excellent. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people, creating together as a group is great also,

Hope you had a great Mother's Day