Monday, March 3, 2008


Well Cloth Paper Scissors is out on the new stands in the States....and I have my Soul Clothes article published in it! Hoparray! I received my copy last week and subscribers also had their copies a little earlier. Australians will have to wait sometime until it reaches the newsagents. It was certainly a step out side my comfort zone, I am feeling proud of myself. It's time for me to be ok with what I am achieving and my successes. I have always played down my achievements in the past, so I'm finding that even writing about it somewhat challenging. But I so love to share....There is 4 pages in my article, featuring 3 artworks with a 'how to article'.

When I received my package from the States, it felt like I was opening the results of an exam...I carefully opened it and sat down with a cup of tea. Oh the anticipation of seeing it in print. I read it and then danced around the room. I wanted to share with someone so I ran up the street to my new neighbour friend and flung a copy into her arms when she opened the door....

I have created some artworks on paper, with the technique I have written about . They are available for sale on my Etsy site. Here is to being brave and being rewarded!


Serena said...


Anonymous said...

Yippy Yahoo for You Nic Hohn....
You are now sharing your knowledge and inspiring others to extend their creativity. Thank you for opening your heart!! We love you, Jude

Pam Aries said...

What a great pic! Yay! Yippie ! YOU deserve it all, baby!

Lorri said...

That's awesome Nic - congratulations. I agree, the small things do matter so much :)
Look forward to seeing the edition of CPS.
I have one of your etsy items in my shopping cart right now!
Just need to save some pennies before I press the purchase button - as my cart is full of delightful treasures from around the site.
Keep up the great work, I love seeing such joy in your work. xo