Monday, February 25, 2008

mud puddles & sand in my swimmers

Paint in a mud puddle...

So what do mud puddle and sandy swimmers have in common? They both sound yucky, but they are both heaps of fun!

On the weekend we headed to the beach. It was hot so we went early. And we all headed straight for the water. After a while my daughter wanted to build castles in the sand. Usually I feel quite resistant to playing in the sand...I've just come out of the water and sand is going to stick to me everywhere! Right? Well I've been feeling that my life has been just a little too serious of late, I want to let go and have some fun....So I ended up sitting in the shallow waves, having runny sand poured down my back. And you know what? it felt delicious, like I was having a treatment at a day spa. I just had to let go of the 'I want to be clean'. We ended up having so much fun covering each other and filling our swimmers with runny sand. ( which easily washed out in the water.)

Why am I telling you this story? Just to acknowledge how easy it is to get into the habit of not being playful. And being playful, I have found is so important when it comes to creativity...

So now I'm gradually letting go having 'things' clean and tidy....and allowing the child within play time! Mess it up!!!

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