Monday, February 11, 2008


Here is a work in progress, its kind of like a journal page themed around Aquarius energy. Recently I recieved a strong intuitive message to put together a form of a book with about 30 pages in it. One for each day of the zodical month. Based on the current energy. This happens to be Aquarius. My first logical thoughts were 'Man are you serious?' And slowly as the days have gone by the idea has perculated into something very exciting and achieveable.

I have been totally inspired by dj pettitt and the way she combines so many mediums at once, with so much freedom. This is how I'm feeling about my Astro girls. I can even feel its going to be fun! Fancy that. Giving me the freedom the express all the delicious meduims I love to use.

So hold on to your pants, I'm sure its going to be a interesting ride. One that I'm not even sure where its going.....I guess that is half ( or maybe more) the fun!

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