Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Quirkiness in My Pocket

I had a lot of fun creating these 2 works, I love looking through 'high ended' fashion mags. This one above was inspired by a dress by a well known designer...the dress was covered in plate size red dots. I had a bit of a giggle to myself, according to the article large spots are coming in. So i dedicate this piece to large spots and the quirkiness of them.

Twirling in the garden.. SOLD

I loved painting this, it reminded me of how Iwas painting a while ago. I also love the movement in the skirt. Do you remember as a girl, wearing a full skirt and feel it swishing around your legs? I often watch my daughter twirling in circles, and the smile it bring to her face...and mine.

As she danced and twirled

in the garden

Her skirt swished...

And she smiled.

These works are both available on etsy.I have an article soon to be published in Cloth Paper Scissors that is about this collection of collage art. (I'm so excited and looking forward to seeing the March edition!)

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