Tuesday, November 20, 2007


At home... and walking through the door I felt welcomed, comfortable and peaceful. It was great to be away, after 2 weeks I felt glad to be home. The painting above is what flowed through me while I was enjoying my time at the coast. I have always felt that if the inspiration is great enough to paint then having a 'space' to paint in is where ever you can, at the time. And so I painted on a tiled floor in our holiday home. By myside was my 7 year old duaghter painting in her journal.We did have newspaper down, just incase. Part of the painting was inspired by a beautiful climbing vine on a tree outside our balcony. I had sat out there many times, not really taking it in. I felt a strong pull to drawing one morning and I just saw....with fresh eyes. And it felt soooo good.

I really wanted texture inthis piece and it was great to work within what I had available to me. I found this beautful guipure lace at a vintage store ( or as my daughter calls it an o. p. shop) and knew it was perfect. I created in a way that I had not done for a long time. Just allowing to put down what came to me.(instead of rushing to get the idea finished) It was refreshing!

Whilst I was away I continued my Creative Coachin studies and homework.Via the phone I havemet some amazing ladies in the States, and I have no doubt I am on an amzing jouney with them .I'm currently setting up another blog to share this side of what I do..


Sarah said...

Love the painting Nic. The colours are just beautiful. and the shapes, and the texture. Love your work!

Bimbimbie said...

Hi Nic, looks and sounds like your holiday worked its magic and left you feeling inspired *!*