Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Woooo, were did he come from?.....not really sure but I went with it anyway. Journaling class yesterday brought up great conversation and some amazing pages. I now am taking the classes within my home, which I just love. The 5 ladies all got into the theme for the day, which was fantastic. I allowed the inspiration to flow through me to create this page, and I feel is rather different to the images I'm usually drawn brought up some very insightful reflective thoughts.

I have a number of new beginnings at the moment....I am continuing studying astrology and embracing new learning through Esoteric Astrology which is quite amazing on many, many levels.Best of all I am studying with my beloved girlfriends (isn't life fantastic!) with a fab teacher Ashtara. We get together once a month and I love it!
On the realms of studies and new learning's I am about to embark on what I feel to be an incredible journey with Jill Badonsky from 'The Muse Is In'. I have my first teleconference class on Friday morning (early start at 5am) and connect with women from the States and Ireland I believe. Its a 14 week course via the waves where I feel I will embrace the skills of Creative Coaching.
I'm also putting together, in my head/heart, how to create an online journaling class. Thank you Annie for asking me and providing the inspiration....I'll keep you updated.

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