Friday, October 19, 2007


This week a very creative client had a private lesson with me and one of the things we did was a journal page. This picture was a very quick demo of how images can be put together. I just pulled out images from a few magazines...images that really caught my eye. And this is what came together. I feel it has alot of Aquarius energy, electrical currents....both in the body and above and beyond, seeing the world differently, ankles ( part of the body that relates to this zodiac sign) Have a look to see where the lightening is touching!It came together in about 5 minutes and was lots of fun!

I'm off to my children's school fair tomorrow, I have an art show in a lovely building with the schools art teacher and some of her students. I'll be there from 10-4 so if you are in the Highfields Area call into the State School, lots to see and do!

I've had a very full week, a trip to Mt Tamborine ( doing some more Astrology studies) taught some students, taught 'Perspective' to my sons class at school today (it was great!) and a couple of clients picking up commissions. Fair tomorrow and I'm at the studio on Sunday..whew pupil free day on Monday and I'm looking forward to a quiet slow day at home with my children...ah

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