Wednesday, September 19, 2007

'WET PAINT' (not for long!)

Only a few days to go until the 30 x30 exhibition with still a few works in progress. The one above is almost finished, I used the images of the roses I photographed the other day...just want to add a couple of smaller flowers and she is done. And yes a bit to go on the one below...But I am happy with what I am creating at the moment and don't feel rushed (thank goodness) I am enjoying being more organized then I usually makes such a difference!

Over the weekend Toowoomba is celebrating Carnival of Flowers...its the 'event' of the year. I read in yesterdays paper that Richard de Chazal is featuring his creations at a fashion parade at the Racecourse. He is a haute-couture designer, make up artist and stylist. I checked out his website.....amazing and some of his work has an astrological slant on it too. If any one is going please let me know what you saw.....I'm going to be at our opening of the 30 x30 =$90 (can't really miss that). Ok more creating to do, need to finish and photograph and deliver my piece for the Carnival Art Show....

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