Sunday, September 30, 2007


Here is a page from my journal about shining. Sometimes being unique and wanting to shine in that can be challenging, but its all about accepting being different and having the courage to be ok with that.... uniqueness is not a foreign language. (There are so many of us who are different so lets celebrate that!)

My next Creative Journal class is on the 9thOctober and there are still some places available if you would like to join me. We are going to have some fun ripping and glueing paper to make up an image, paper mosaic. I'm wanting to get a page done with this technique before class , so I'll post that when finished (or in progress).

I'm off to the studio again today, another glorious day...let it be a day to shine.

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Pam Aries said...

I started journaling again and I can already see a difference! Nic..I am so embarrassed ,but I have never mailed your book! It is on my list of things to accomplish this week! I also have something else that should have been posted 2 months ago! What?? Okay..I can do it!