Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Belle Armoire Jewelry

Exciting News!!! A magazine arrived today in my mail box... Belle Armoire Jewelry.... with my article in it! (I also took the photo). I have to tell you, I was just a bit scared opening the parcel when it arrived. Feelings like getting the results from a 3 hour exam. Can't do anything about because it is already all done...but the fear of 'what if'. Once I was beyond that (and ripping the packaging off certainly helped) I felt pleased with the article and gave myself a pat on the back.... Maybe the first of many to come. I feel very honoured to have been published in an American magazine.

Here is the green flower necklace that inspired me to write the article.

This one is in red and features more wire work, more beads and buttons. Quite dynamic and is for sale at my etsy boutique. The green heart below is also for sale if you would like anymore details please email me.

Big thanks to Violette for encouraging me to approach Belle Armoire. It was certainly worth stepping outside my comfort zone. Thank you sweet thing!


anna said...

Whoo Hoo! Well done! Love it! Can't wait to see it!

craftyhala said...

The necklaces are so wonderful. I dream of doing something that fabulous and you did it. You are talented! I'm going to get the book just because of this.
Violette is a treasure isn't she. I like her as well. :)