Friday, August 24, 2007

Flight in the Willow Shadows
12''x12'' (30cm x30)
Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas
Original Available -Prints Soon on Etsy

This is the first painting I've created for quite a while....I've been pottering doing many other things, so it was a bit odd coming back to paint again. I felt a bit of resistance coming back to the paint pots......and was in the 'Well what do I paint?' frame of mind. But I knew that it didn't matter where I started as long as I made a start somewhere. And so I let the paint dribble and run..... I feel like I'm approaching my canvas differently, and although I've got an exhibition coming up soon (22nd Sept) I am much more at peace to leave the painting for a while and coming back to it. I feel it is a much more intuitive way to create.
Previously I had always been in a hurry to finish it because I was so excited and inspired by what I was doing, so the change of pace has been a welcomed development. I considered the canvas just like a journal page...and I feel it gave me freedom to play.

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