Monday, July 16, 2007

Heartfelt Joy....

Yesterday whilst I was at the Shiny Happy Art Studio I created this journal page....Heartfelt joy. I played with a range of paints, Golden Fluids.
The other product I used was black gesso, and I feel I'll be using this some more, perhaps on canvas next time. The fluid paints are truly amazing, both in the strength of colour and intensity, and the fact that I only needed such a tiny dot and it spread so far. Beautiful quality! Anna has these available for sale at the studio if you are wanting to check them out.
I am really enjoying the freedom of having a creative journal and feeling very excited about filling it up. I got a bit precious when I began, not wanting to create on the backs of pages....but now I am going back and filling in the blanks, so to speak. ahhh, it really does give me joy.

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