Monday, June 4, 2007

so much art

Here is the 3 of us at opening night, Under One Umbrella. Marianne de Graaf, Maryika Welter and myself. We had a good night, plenty of great food and wine and a number of red dots throughout the gallery. A big thanks to Maryika for doing such a professional job, and also to the gallery committee. With great appreciation....

I also had a wonderful experience at my 9 year olds art exhibition at school. I was so delighted to see his self portrait on the totem pole (it's the one at the top), and whilst he never seems that interested in doing art at home with me, creative thinking is obviously in him somewhere. I just love this portrait! Well done mate!

I visited another 2 exhibitions over the weekend ........really wonderful to have so many opportunities to be immersed in art.

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