Monday, April 16, 2007

Positive Space

Dandelion Potential

Field of Flowers

Raining Jellybeans

These are my latest paintings, all using the concept of positive/negative space. They are currently on exhibition at the Chocolate Cottage. They were lots of fun to paint, just thinking about the imagery from the inside out rather than painting the main elements first.
There has been quite a lot of change in the air around me for the last few weeks and I'm very interested to see how this manifests in my paintings.... I believe that as I'm working on my stuff, my progress is reflected to me, by my environment, my feelings, the people around me....
and there has been quite a bit of detachment from friends and groups that has offered me freedom to spread my wings and grow....I take this opportunity to take flight.
True freedom can only come from within.

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tash at poppyseeds said...

Oh !! that top one took my breath away, you go girl! Really beautiful!