Thursday, February 1, 2007


Skylarking in the Sun.

This mixed media collage is an acrylic based painting, on paper. And I'll share with you how it came about... on the last couple of days of the school holidays we went to the library, and instead of looking in the art section as I often do I was drawn to the fashion book collection. I picked up a couple of historical fashion books with lots of lovely lace, and button details that just made my heart hum! One of in particular, so aptly named 'Historical Fashion in Detail' (it was the pictures that I was ooing over, not the title!)

This is the page that caught my eye as soon as I opened the book...and is described as " A glove of cream leather with satin gauntlet embroidered with silk ribbon and silver-gilt bobbin lace. English 1600-1625" That just sounded so yummy to me, the stitch work was absolutely amazing! And it was the little singing bird that I focused on, in this awe inspiring feast of needle point delight! (You can see it highlighted in the image to the left.)

This beautifully stitched singing bird gave me the inspiration to create my painting. Just the exquisiteness...It was important for me to include some lace in this artwork, I have always been intrigued with lace and its history. The piece that I selected was a vintage cotton lace from the corner of a hanky.
I also included some of my personal favourite symbols, the heart, which both the bird and flying heart have....the common element, they both identify with each other, both having the wings of freedom.

The name came about quite on its own!I tore a page out of a book (I don't tell my children about that one) and proceeded to cut out a crown. I flipped it to glue and the word skylarking was in the dialog...and hence the name.

And there it is, the story of the the bird skylarking in the sun.....

As it is on paper, its an artwork to be framed with a matt board and glass.There is an option to buy framed or unframed.Please contact me if you would love further details, or would love to view it.
Affirmation of the day....

"Being me is simply wonderful"


Pam Aries said...

It is beautiful and fun! I love the mixing ! Your art is so full of passion! I can feel that you love it! I have had to work the past few days, so not much art for me! I am looking forward to doing more this week. I can see why the pictures in the book inspired you! Love ya! Pammm

tongue in cheek said...

Beautiufl details. Like kisses and snowflakes and dreams all wrapped up in one. Clever use of paper on the tail feathers too!!