Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm a Published Illustrator!

Ashtara's Astrology Books are now hot off the press... as are my illustrations! Yippee.Ashtara is a recognised international astrologer and writer. What an honour and a privilege to have created these drawings for Ashtara. I was able to create a drawing for each Zodiac sign and one drawing for the Planet book.

This is the front of the two books, and can be checked out further at Ashtara's website.The Zodiacal sign book is $35 AUD ( about $27 US) and the Planet book is $50 ( about $38US) and can be posted overseas if you are interested. Some great teachings and lessons are held within both of these books.

This is a close up drawing of Taurus, one of my personal favourites.... and is a left handed drawing, based on similar principles to my Wise Women series.

I did a seminar with Ashtara on the weekend "The Secrets of the Oracle", were we looked at Astrology and Tarot as tools to learn more about ourselves. Great and interesting knowledge for more personal growth....It was interesting, I felt a little nervous on the way to the seminar, a bit unsure what I might discover about myself, I guess this is what others feel when they come to "Aha " Seminars and Workshops that I facilitate. It felt strange being on the other side. However fears aside, it was fun and did unearth some great stuff about myself and my art! I discovered why I use some of the imagery in my artwork.The flying heart was on one of the cards that I "unknowing" chose to work with on the day, and I now know it has special significance. Art certainly reflects life, and life reflects doubt.

"I express my feelings to Heal and Grow."


Pam Aries said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I personally know you have a gift for Astrology! This is so validating! Yippie Yai Yay! Your drawings are perfect!

Lisa said...