Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Sunset on the Horizon

This was the sunset this evening after the much needed rain.The view is from the side of our home and we often watch the sunsets or the storms rolling in. Very grateful for the rain today.Thank you Universe.

Tomorrow is the last day of a 3 week art program at Highfields Kindy. I have been teaching the children about patterns, shape and line and they have create a canvas each. Really interesting to see how they are so process orientated and not about the outcome, so much problem solving and uninhibited creativity. I love to ask children about their artwork, because it always involves a story or an experience.

Recently I took up pottery lessons, throwing clay on the wheel. Something I haven't done since Uni days, and I don't think I had much patients then. I just did enough to pass the unit. Well I have been wanting to learn for a while... and so I found a fabulous teacher and now I'm throwing pots! I have managed to throw a pot from every lump of clay I put on the wheel. And the best feeling is getting the clay centred. It is amazing. I decorated my pots this week and they are current being fired and glazed...looking forward to seeing them.

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anna said...

As am I - they look great!