Monday, October 30, 2006

Weekend Away

On Friday, Wendy and I packed up the car ready to present an 'aha' workshop at the Gold Coast. We met Kathy at Mt Tamborine were we stayed with Ashtara. What a divine delight to met her! And such a beautiful green oasis!

Friday night we went out for Thai and it was exquisite! I was so intrigued by the lotus napkin that I cradled it in my hand until the food arrived. The menu's felt like they were made out of paperbark (you can see it in the centre of the table), it was such a sensory delight. Yummo!

I completed my drawings for Ashtara's book( about Perceptive Astrology) and took them with me...she was delighted. I am looking forward to seeing my illustrations of Wise Women and Wise Guys in her publication! I am an illustrator!

Saturday morning we headed off to the Gold Coast and presented 'aha ' to a group of ladies who had gathered in a friends home. A great experience for us as a group to present outside our local area and to a different group of women.

I came home feeling inspired to make some changes with in my home( after presenting in a home filled with beauty) I dusted, rearranged, threw out clutter and even repainted a feature wall a different colour. The goal in mind is to be surrounded by complete beauty....and I'm organizing and tidying my space as I go. Wow what's happening to me? It's all good.


anna said...

A feature wall! My God girl, it IS all good for you! And here I am, excited that we had a blackout last night and I got 10 hours straight sleep! But I'm happy to catch a little of your momentum from you! Love Anna

Pam Aries said...

Nic..this is so wonderful! isn't it geat to be so inspired! You are such a talented woman! so full of energy and artfulness! Whee!