Thursday, August 31, 2006

New Artwork!

Give Them Wings
Recently I have been struggling with the concepts of combining all the things that I love in the one artwork...texture, patterns, lace, symbolic imagery, colour,black and white checker board, hearts, collage and wanting to express a personal experience. How do you get all of that to work in the one painting? Good question! Well after viewing Misty Mawn's
artwork the jigsaw pieces came together. Thank you Misty, you are an inspiration... I've tried it out for a while and now I'm ready to make it my own. Sometimes it good to try out new things, see how they sit with you and then use them in your own individual way. I am excited about this piece I created yesterday and looking forward to creating some more in this series....This artwork is called "At the Foot of a Broad Staircase" and the title is taken from a passage of writing that is in the painting.

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