Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ingrid's Very Creative Mobile

We had a wonderful time at the 'aha!' workshop. Attending ladies doubled from our first session, and I believe all had a some what thought provoking day. My art session was based on creating art that reflected "What do I love about myself?" and "What would I like to love about myself?". Created with cardboard and mixed media materials the artworks were then tied to a stick to transform into a mobile. This could then be placed in a Feng Shui sector that Wendy spoke about.

This is Ingrid's mobile, and I am pleased to say she really thought outside the box. Well done Ingrid!This picture is a swirling spiral that had rainbow colour on one side and magazine cut words on the other...the other piece she created was a box frame.

Well done to everyone who came...to value yourself enough. And a huge round of applause to those of you who were a little fearful of the art session, congratulations for acknowledging that feeling and to push through it!

I have made some changes to the comment section, which I believe will make it easier to leave a comment if you chose. Let's see how that goes!

Here's to another day filled with inspiration and creation!!

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