Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Who is Nic Hohn?

Who is Nic Hohn? Great question and one I often ask myself. I will share some of who I believe I am, as an Artist... I've always been interested in texture and colour, symbolism and higher knowledge. All of which I feel I've been able to incorporate in my artwork. I love to explore concepts, and so my artwork is constantly evolving and growing as am I....

I didn't know I could paint until about 5 years ago and I went into a painting frenzy....I statred to incorpate mixed media in my work. I have always loved mixed media collage, just didn't know how it 'fitted in'..then I discovered the wonderfull world of mixed media artists across the globe through the internet.I now consider myself a mixed media collage artist.

As award winning artist I have exhibited in many art shows, from one end of Australia to the other, been involved with group exhibitions, exhibited two solo shows, and have art work internationally owned. I've taught many workshops/classes.... including children’s art, creative jouranlling and women’s self development workshops. I also create jewellery, have been published as an illustrator and mixed media artist, loved window dressing, painted murals, jeans, doors, mail boxes and fridges.(Just about anything I could get my hands on!)

Creating and painting isn't my only passion, I also enjoy working with creative potential- my own and others. Also love facilitating workshops. My workshops are an oppurtunity to create and look within..Perhaps discover something about themselves they may not have known. This is part of the reason why I have become a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach.With thses coaching tools and my Perceptive Astrology knowledge I love to guide and assist others work through their challenges in a creative, empowering way....knowing everybody has the ability to SHINE!

I live on the coast in Queensland, Australia with my husband who loves fishing our son aged 10 and daughter aged 7, and an energetic border collie. Creating art is the inspiration in my life and it is an amazing journey....

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Pam Aries said...

I love this picture of you! You are always smiling, which shows what a great spirit you have!